Instant Kindness

Jun 5, 2023

Cold weather can be cruel. It’s hard on everyone, but for those who are struggling financially and cannot afford heating or hot meals, it can be especially difficult.

Thanks to the warm-heartedness of our community, Jews in need have a place to turn. Yad Aharon & Michael provides over 720 families with weekly food packages to ensure that no one goes hungry. But we also brighten up their moods and provide encouragement through Yad’s Soup for the Soul, by offering a cup of hot soup and a meal to those who rely on us.

Yad’s Soup for the Soul is much more than just soup and something to eat. It’s a place where people come to feel warm and loved. It’s a place where they come to find community and belonging. Where they share friendships and a schmooze and leave knowing that we care.

We like to think of our cup of soup as ‘instant kindness’ and we appeal to you to just add a dash of generosity.
We are grateful for the support which makes our Soup Kitchen possible, and your donation will allow us to continue providing this essential service to those in need.

Your donation will allow us to keep on serving!