Fulfilling the Mitzvah of giving is an awesome responsibility and we warmly invite you to join us, partner with us
and experience first-hand one of life’s truly enriching lessons: that giving is, in fact, an act of receiving.
YAD's shop
wish list
Being completely dependent on community funding, the organization is run – as far as possible – by volunteers, who selflessly give of their time week in and week out to ensure that every food project is run effectively.

We also invite school children to pack our fruits and vegetables, thereby enabling them to practice Chesed and Tzedakah in a meaningful and tangible way. Please contact us for more information should you wish to volunteer your time as we are always in need of volunteer drivers and packers.
This initiative allows a donor to sponsor a weekly food parcel by contributing on a monthly basis. The recipient family is known to the sponsor only by the recipient's box number.

The sponsor can call us for updates on their family, and can sometimes be asked to provide additional assistance to the family as the need arises.

This is a very meaningful way of contributing to our organisation, and ensures that the personal connection between Yad Aharon & Michael, our donors and recipients is maintained while preserving the dignity and anonymity of both the recipient and the donor.
This initiative allows corporates and individuals the opportunity to assist our recipient families by sponsoring their nutritional requirements for a specific week in the year. The chosen week is then allocated to the sponsor on an annual basis and all Mitzvot associated with that week’s distribution, are performed in his/her merit.
Please donate your good quality second-hand clothing and house-wares to ‘Yad’s Shop’ – which is situated on our premises in Rouxville. This gives our recipients access to good quality items and the overflow is sold, which contributes significantly to the organisations’ sustainability.

The Yad Aharon & Michael Wish List is a list of our recipients’ specific needs. Each time a recipient comes to our door asking if we possibly have any item, we add that item to our Wish List with their box number. In this way, we are able to fulfill the real and pressing needs of our recipients outside of their need for food.

Whether it is as simple as needing a pair of school shoes for one of their children or as great as the need for a working washing machine, we endeavour to do our best to fulfill the wishes on our Wish List as quickly as possible. We have always put our recipients’ self-esteem and dignity at the very top of our priority list and by confidentially arranging for each item to be sourced, collected and delivered directly to the recipient in need, we ensure that our recipients are all receiving the help they need in the most dignified way possible.

We ask that all items that are so lovingly donated be in good working condition as our recipients don’t have the funds needed to fix goods that are in need of repair.
To contribute to this special project, please view the list below.
If there are items that you may be able to donate, please call us
on 011 485 2076 or email us on so we can arrange to have the wish fulfilled!
- Linen – good quality second
   hand or new linen for single
   and double beds. Pillows and  
   pillow-cases; sheets; duvets  
   and towels required.

- Non-Perishable items for
   children’s birthday parties

   anything goes – from crisps,
   pop-corn, cold-drinks,
   balloons, paper-plates etc.

- Small Appliances: kettles,
   toasters, irons, sandwich-
   machines (on-going requests)
- Larger Appliances: fridges,
   washing machines
   (on-going requests).
- Single Beds
- Mattresses in good condition
- Microwave
- Linen Blankets
- Winter clothes
   – all sizes required
- School shoes
- Chest freezer
- Fridge
- Shabbos urn