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Thank you West Pack

THANK YOU WEST PACK LIFESTYLE for the most generous, incredible prize of R10 000 for our charity. We are so grateful and excited. A BIG THANK YOU to Nadia Davies who selected Yad Aharon as her charity of choice, thereby affording us this wonderful opportunity of receiving the money for our food fund.

WORDS FROM THE M.D. – December 2017

Dear Valued Donor, As I was pondering on the content of this, my last communication to you for the current year, three thoughts crossed my mind which I would like to share with you: What does Yad Aharon & Michael purchase with your donations? Food, to alleviate the current nutritional insecurity in our community. What […]

TRUE LIGHT – A Chanuka Message to our Donors and Clients

We have just lived through the most wonderful month of Tishrei, having experienced an intense opportunity for connection to Hashem, as we rode the successive waves of the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.  And then, one week later, we fell upon the month of Cheshvan, a “bitter month”, devoid of any holiday […]


ROSH HASHANAH LETTER OF APPEAL BY MANAGING DIRECTOR: ALICE FRIEDMAN I recently came across an article entitled “Writing our own Sefer Torah” as symbolized by the mitzvah of purchasing an entire Parsha, or just one letter of a new Torah scroll, thereby contributing to its completion. Miraculously, our entire Rosh Hashanah campaign unfolded in my […]


This week was exceptional – as YAD’S SOUP FOR THE SOUL was transformed into a soulful, vibey Coffee Shop. Thank you to Yael Kersh and her entire family and many friends, for their dedication and generosity. In the Memory of your Loving Mom, Dina, of blessed Memory, who loved tea and all its warm connotations, may her […]


Give your Father the most meaningful gift this year. Sponsor-A-Pot (or two); or Sponsor-A-Day at ‘Yad’s Soup for the Soul’. Your Dad will receive a gift certificate from us, to acknowledge your generosity and special present; which explains what the donation is used for. Donations start from as little as R22 to Sponsor-A-Cup! For more […]

Pre-Shavuot Learning Event

THANK YOU to our incredible community of Ladies who supported our Pre-Shavuot Learning Event on Monday evening; and thank you to our many donors and especially to our guest speakers, for making it possible. It was magnificent in every way and will BH be an annual event for Yaddies. Funds raised went directly towards our […]