In as much as Yad Aharon & Michael focuses primarily on the needs of our own Jewish community, we are not oblivious to the dire circumstances of the countless number of desperate South Africans whos day to day survival is a relentless struggle.

Our various Outreach Programmes, therefore, are not only an opportunity to network with other NPO’s who share our mission of alleviating poverty in our midst, but they also enable us to, in turn, fulfil the Mitzvah of Chesed by touching the lives of those whose predicament seems infinitely more desperate than our own. The gratitude with which our programmes are met is truly limitless. The initiator of this project, our MD Alice Friedman has definitely succeeding at bringing a ray of hope to many desperate folk.


Thank you from Impilo

The Directors, staff and children wish to thank you for your generous donation of food and baby toiletries. Your donation will go towards the many day to day expenses that we incur while providing the best possible care for our children. The beneficiaries of our programme are orphaned, vulnerable or abandoned children who are at risk, birth parents who are unable to care for their children, adoptive parents and adoptees. Our core purpose is to place children in a permanent family situation as early as possible, and whilst they are in our care to meet their physical, medial, social and developmental needs. We strive to provide a professional service in the best interest of every child in our care. The beneficiaries of Impilo are greater than 80% black, black as per the definition in the B-BBEE, Codes of Good Practice (2007).

Thank you once again, Kind Regards,

Sue Krawitz
Dear Nicole,
Trust that this mail finds you in good health. My name is Iris Adams and I am the founder of our organization ‘Itshepeng’ - the skills development and training center We run a feeding scheme every day from Monday to Friday.
I hope it is not too late to thank you.
Thanking you
Iris Adams
- Itshepeng
A quick note of thanks for the wonderful donation of food received for CLAW. The good received will go a long way in assisting us to help the hungry in our communities.
Warmest Regards,
Taren Welthagen
- CLAW - Director

Dear Alice

Toni and I were delighted with the bags of clothing that we collected yesterday, for underprivileged children. Wow what a win!

I have attached some pics where I recently spent this year's Mandela Day. This is where the clothes went: It's Impumelelo and right inside an informal settlement, near Orange Farm, home to 173 ECD learners from 3 months to school going age.

On behalf of them, I thanks you from the bottom of my heart. It will be most appreciated.

Thank you once again, So many will beneft from your amazing generosity!

With love and Laughter,
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