About Yad Aharon & Michael

Providing a safe space, to receive nourishment, free of stigma or shame.


“The need is growing, but our community is shrinking.”

Yad Aharon & Michael is dedicated to serving the less fortunate in Johannesburg’s Jewish community by ensuring access to nutritional food, a basic and fundamental right. Our compassionate team works tirelessly, supported solely by the generosity of our Jewish community, to provide weekly food boxes and feed those in need.

As our community shrinks, the urgency and importance of our work grows. The number of families experiencing food insecurity is rapidly increasing. This reality underscores the critical nature of our mission and the need for immediate assistance.


At Yad Aharon & Michael, we create a judgment-free environment, where those relying on us find safety and dignity. Confidentiality is paramount as we strive to safeguard the well-being of our recipients.

By supporting us, you become an integral part of our efforts to combat desperate hunger in our midst. Your contribution helps make a significant impact on struggling individuals and families. Together, we can foster hope, nourishment, and relief for those who need it most, building an even more compassionate community where no Jewish mouth goes to bed hungry.

Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity.

The History of Yad Aharon & Michael

30 years of care and compassion

In 1992, in Yeoville’s then vibrant Orthodox Jewish community, two compassionate women discovered Jewish families struggling to afford food. Without hesitation, they formed a support group, providing homemade meals for these households.

Tragically, the following year, the lives of Rabbi Aharon Pfeuffer (zt”l) and Michael Zive (z”l) were cut short in a motor vehicle accident; and in their memory, the growing food fund was officially named Yad Aharon & Michael.

Over the past three decades, Yad Aharon & Michael has honoured their legacy by providing food, as well as spiritual and emotional support to those in need in the Greater Johannesburg Jewish community.

What began as a passion project addressing a small community need, has become an indispensable pillar of Joburg Jewish life. Hundreds of families now rely on us for basic sustenance and survival.

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, we remain humbled and grateful for the countless lives we’ve touched.