"Over 20 years ago, we were feeding 2 families per week - Today we feed 640 families, each and every week "

"On behalf of Yad Aharon & Michael – The Jewish Food Fund - I welcome you to our website. We are a registered non-profit organisation (PBO No. 9300009548), founded over 20 years ago, by two women who identified a need for food assistance amongst a handful of Jewish families in the Yeoville community.

The organisation found its name after Rabbi Aharon Pfeuffer (zt”l) and Michael Zive (z”l) were tragically killed in a car accident soon after the organisation’s inception. It is in their memory that we carry out our mission. Rabbi Pfeuffer and Michael Zive were renowned for their generosity, kindness and for their selfless hearts. Their commitment to the upliftment of those less fortunate is continued through the work of Yad Aharon & Michael. The absolute confidentiality, sensitivity and compassion which have characterised the organisation’s modus operandi right from the outset, mirrors their passion for and wholehearted commitment to the Mitzvot of Chesed and Tzedakah. We could not have wished for more inspiring role models.

Our mandate is to assist needy Jewish families in the greater Johannesburg area with weekly, fresh produce food hampers, as well as give them access to our various other Food Projects.

The preservation of the recipients’ self-esteem has been a cornerstone of the organisation since its inception. Each of our 590 recipient families is assigned a specific box number, which they quote on when collecting their food. This system safeguards their anonymity and also ensures that the Tzedakah that is done at our organisation is the highest form of Chesed – in that the giver never knows who receives and the recipient never knows who gives.

Yad Aharon & Michael is home away from home: it is a place of comfort and dignity where everyone feels safe, welcomed, heard and understood. We invite you to browse our site or even pop into our ‘Bayit’. Donate, partner with and commit to making a difference."

Alice Friedman
Managing Director
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