Wall of Thanks

“Thank you for being there for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the compassion. The help so generously given is appreciated more than I can put into mere words. I do not know how to thank you and the kindness of the donors. Hashems’ richest blessings to each and every one of you. With deep gratitude.”

Thank you so much for my fantastic Purim gift. I was really having such an impossibly difficult month and this just made all the difference. I cried and cried and cried from so much appreciation. Thanks so much again.

To whom it may concern. I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude for the very generous envelope received on Purim. I appreciate it so much. The essentials like my pre-paid electricity for this weekend is thankfully taken care of whew. Thank you Yad Aharon

My deepest gratitude to you for my large Channukah gift. To tell you the truth… I have never had a gift so large.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone regarding my extra holiday foods. I sobbed my heart out when I was given the box. I was dumbfounded! It is very difficult for me to explain my gratitude but know this, from the bottom of my heart, I am so very, very grateful.

Thank you for always being the warm, nurturing, and positive light in my life. Your chesed and compassion has shone a light in my darkness.

Who are these angels (the donors) who understand how Hashem truly wants our world to run?…. How did this Chanukah miracle creep into our lives? Thank you for our Chanukah gift and for being there for us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the incredible and compassionate Yaddies. The help so generously given is appreciated more than mere words. I look forward to my parcel every week. A huge thank you also to Steve who so kindly delivers my parcel to me every week. With deep gratitude

To all the incredible Yaddies. Your immense kindness, generosity and compassion has truly touched me deeply. Initially I was embarrassed to receive the food parcels, I now look forward to them with a lightness, a happiness and almost a relief. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received my parcel yesterday and inside was the MOST incredible gift. I stood looking at it for quite a while. These things never happen to me! Happy tears filled my eyes. The gift made me feel so loved. The words thank you do not even begin to show my gratitude and appreciation to your organization with the BIGGEST heart. Thank you beyond thank you to every amazing person at Yadaharon. You are H-shem’s angels and may He bless you all in abundance- now and always!
With deep gratitude.

Dear YAD AHARON, to all other donors and sponsors who continue to look after our welfare during trying times- thank you. Not forgetting to mention diligently performance of mitzvot by To management and staff at Yad for making our lives bearable under these difficult circumstances. Sometimes we forget how privileged we are as members of the tribe and thank you for the weekly reminder. Thank you very much. Warm regards

Dear Lauren, As you know, I had a hip replacement and cooking was impossible. With my children all being oversees I had anxiety about even making a cup of tea. I want to thank you for Yad Aharon giving me ready-made meals to warm up in the microwave. They were so tasty and easy and I will never forget your kindness.
I am back on my feet and can now cook so I will collect a regular food box from this week.

Hi Team Yaddies Friends, The soup kitchen is my favourite outing of the week. My highlight to enjoy the hot foods, soups and cakes on offer. This is thank Yad and the sponsor who make Tuesdays treasured for me.

The Tuesday food box makes me less lonely and then I come home with a box full of food and enjoy my cooking and creative energy with the foods. Be well be blessed.

Please note my good news. I found a job!!! Please cancel from today. thank you all for your help over the past 8 years. we will miss the Wednesday smiles and joy of the foods and security. With love.

From my heart to yours, thank you for the wonderful eats, and drinks from the soup kitchen and WOW WOW WOW one big packet of chocolates

Dear Kim and Yaddies family. Thank you sooo much for our the packet of goodies . We so appreciate this. coffee is a luxury and you gave me coffee! Changed my world let me tell you.

To Yad Aharon, On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful food that you gave us for Rosh Hashana. Do you know that you made it possible for me to invite the children to have the Yom Tov with us because of all the foods we got. We were proud to entertain.

Yadahron: I just want to thank you all so much for everything in the box. I really appropriate what I get from Yad every week, and all the help you give to everyone may HASHEM bless Yadahron to grow and carry on the work you do and may HaShem make me into a donor one day too.

Alfonso, Kim and team, I wanted to thank you all sincerely for your kindness in helping me get a fridge, and everyone working at Yaddies pulled together for me. I’m truly so touched by everyone’s kindness and willingness to help and honestly without you and all there I’m not sure I’d have managed at all.

So May Hashem bless each and every one of you with the same overflowing kindness, generosity and goodness as you’ve all blessed me with. And to the community who donate.

I called in to ask if kiddies packs were coming today. Jody said yes they are. Then she said: “why are you crying”. And I said: “because I don’t know what I would have done if you told me the kiddies packs were NOT being given today. Tears of joy to have school lunch foods for the kids to take to

Dear Angels,My daughter and I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful boxes that we have enjoyed from Yad Aharon throughout the year which have helped us tremendously, AND ESPECIALLY THANK YOU FOR THIS HUGE YOM TOV FOODS BOX. WOW! WOW! WOW! My daughter always looks forward to the kids boxes too and enjoys all the goodies that are in them

My son’s Barmi was lovely and thank you for giving us the Chickens and soup and Challah for the Shabbos dinner. In fact, Shabbas that I have food to eat, I ask HaShem to bless you and the incredible job you do. Hundreds of families would simply not manage to survive without Yad Aharon! Again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

“Thank you for what you have done for MR X. You have literally saved his life by dropping off food every week. Can I ask that you please keep delivering food to him every week, until he is ready to come off the support? Yad Aharon does sterling work! As soon as we done with this pandemic, I intend to bring my entire Team for a morning to assist in packing boxes and helping! Regards, Harry”

I hope that you’re well. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the food parcel I get from you. Only since I’ve been getting the parcels, do I realised just how little food I had actually been trying to survive on. Thank you so much for everything you do for me. Have a wonderful week.

Hello Jody and Alice, My son and I cannot thank you and the team at Yad enough for all the hard work and effort that had gone into making our lives that much easier and richer because of your food parcels. We are going through very troublesome times, and your food parcels give us great comfort to know we are getting assistance.

GUYS !!! OMG – Thank you so much for all this food, it all looks truly amazing – loving all the veggies and fruit so much !!! THANK YOU ~~~ THANK YOU ~~~ THANK YOU ~~~ for all the amazing work you do. There is NO other organization in South Africa like Yaddies and I feel so privileged to be part of the “family!

GUYS !!! OMG – Thank you so much for all this food, it all looks truly amazing – loving all the veggies and fruit so much !!! THANK YOU ~~~ THANK YOU ~~~ THANK YOU ~~~ for all the amazing work you do. There is NO other organization in South Africa like Yaddies and I feel so privileged to be part of the “family!
… unlimited kindness, generosity and ongoing support. we could never survive without our weekly nutritious and generous food parcels!

YADDIES I just can’t believe this! Such glorious foodstuffs you sent me. that meat – marinated ribs are heaven, I tell you, heaven! I can’t thank you enough, honestly. And my chickens for Shabbos. Just so thankful. Everything looks delicious, the pineapple, plums, bananas, I’m telling you, I’m in my element!

The food parcel every week. It helps so much and I’d also like to thank Alfonso and everyone who make this miracle possible. You guys do amazing work and we couldn’t live without it. We are so blessed for all that you do! Have a lovely break…you all deserve it through your hard work and care.

Yaddies, My husband and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for delicious supplies given to us: we call it our food brocha box!!!. Also to thank you most sincerely for all the hard work you all do that goes into organising and distributing our “brocha boxes”. Sending love and blessings to all of you.

“When my family heard about the Shabbos meal [catered by Next Door by an anonymous London-based sponsor] the excitement in the house was beyond special – you could have almost sworn we had won the Lotto, and in a sense, we have won the Lotto, and all because of one of the rarest gems in our lives – YOU.

But for now I must just say the box has been a G-d send. What with the pressure of my studies and earning very little at the moment – not having the stress of worrying how I’m going to feed myself and my brother is an enormous weight off! Plus, the holidays were such a joy – I cooked up a storm with all we received and only had to buy one extra bag of potatoes! My guests on two different nights were amazed at my table and I could be so proud instead of dreading the festivals, which I would otherwise have done. Truly, deeply and wholeheartedly grateful to have been blessed by the donors to Yad Aharon & Michael and ALL the staff too. Very many thanks ?