This page is dedicated to all the people who support Yad Aharon & Michael in every way. We are so grateful to each person who donates their time, their money,
their clothing or household goods, their expertise or their care and love to our organisation. It is to you that we dedicate this WALL OF THANKS. Below are unedited letters,
sms’s or notes of gratitude we have received from the people whose lives we have touched…
Dearest Alice THANK YOU for getting back to me and your prompt help.

Please G-d this family will not go hungry from now on because of the excellent, respectful and sensitive service your organization offers. It’s a blessing and a privilege to know and be associated with you and your organization.

Fondest love An imminent Psychologist in Johannesburg.


Chag Sameach for Shavuot! Sorry for the belated wishes !!

I am overwhelmed by the generosity - just received my box - OMG Ali, literally in tears, thank you so much -
I'll Truly from the bottom of my heart, it feels like Yom Tov every week! Can't wait to give back because as hard as it is
to ask for help, it sure feels good to receive it and I want to do this for others.

You're doing G-d's work.

Dear Alice,
I hope this e-mail finds you and your loved ones in good health and happiness.
I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to thank you so much once again for the assistance you are giving to my family.

Yesterday was my son’s birthday and he turned 16, but the best part of all was watching his face light up as he opened his box of goodies (kiddies box), sheer delight would be an underestimation of his expression.

I have no words to express how much we do appreciate all the assistance given to us, I assure
you that it is not taken for granted and we are truly thankful for the assistance.

Our gratitude extends beyond the limits of our capacity to express it.

Dear Alice,

Before Pesach, I volunteered to help packing the food parcels for PESACH. As a beneficiary of Yad Aharon,
I normally stand in the queue, wait my turn and take the parcel of food and leave.

That day, I arrived early and immediately went to work. Although I know what the contents of the boxes are each week,
I had no idea how much effort goes into the packing and distributing the boxes.

I was taken aback at the physical effort that is put into the process. After bending and stretching for 3 hours I was completely
exhausted and amazed by the fortitude of the people who do this work faithfully every week.

They are to be Admired and should never be taken for granted.

Their Enthusiasm, and Generosity of Spirit are very special and their Dedication ensures a Very smooth and
efficient running of their operation. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to work as a volunteer and was Blessed
when I saw the people’s expressions of Joy and Upliftment on receiving their food parcels. Alice and your team, you can all
be very proud of the work you do to help a very stressed community.

Yours sincerely
A Thankful Recipient
Dear Alice and staff at Yad Aharon and Michael,

My wife and myself wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing assistance given to us over the past few years Our situation has improved to the extent that we feel that others in need will benefit more than us.

For this reason we have decided to cancel our weekly food parcel. We can only say again THANK YOU we don’t know where would have been without your kind assistance.

We would like to wish you all a very happy Purim
Dear Alice

We would just like to thank you and Lana from the bottom of our hearts for the fantastic help and generosity given to us on the occasion of our daughters Batmitzvah this past Sunday evening at H.O.D. You are a very special person and we could never have done anything like this without the help from both of your organizations. Our daughter had a fantastic experience and I'm sure the memory will last her a lifetime!

Please accept our sincerest thanks and may you continue to be beacons of light in the community!

Fondest love from the entire family.
Dearest Alice,

I would just like to thank you and your very special team of helpers for the amazing work that you do for us and for the rest of the Yaddies family. We are so privileged to have you helping us.

Pesach would not have been the same without your love and support. I am truly humbled by your kindness and I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Chag Kasher V’Sameach. You are all very special people and I love you all.

May Hashem continue to bless you all for everything you do for the Community.

Lots of love.
Dear Alice

I just wanted to say Thankyou so much the Pesach parcel was unbelievable and what I very special Yom Tov we had.

All the groceries and fresh foods really made our YT so simchadik Thank
you so very much. All your care and dedicated hard work is really much appreciated.

you to your whole team. Words can’t say what I would like to say. Yosher Koach.

Hope you had a wonderful YT.
Dearest Alice,

I have been a recipient of aid from the Jewish Food Fund for a number of years now and I would firstly like to thank Yaddies
for everything it has done for me and my family. We would have been in a very difficult situation had it not been for your kindness.
I cannot express how grateful we are to have been on the receiving side of such generosity. I am also pleased to say that by the
grace of GOD, at this stage we no longer require the aid and would like to see it go to someone else who needs it more.
Please could you cancel the weekly box that we receive.

Thank you for everything, no words can express the gratitude for you and your amazing organisation!

Kind Regards
Dear Alice,

I want to thank you for all the effort that you have put in for us to get such a generous parcel.

You have excelled yourself so much. There should be more people like you to make the world a better place.

With sincere gratitude,
“Thank you one and all, so VERY much for helping us during these very difficult times.

Your help has been invaluable to us, and I don't know how we would have managed without your help and support.

We tried our utmost to support ourselves, but current times make it very difficult.

Wishing you and yours a sweet New Year with an abundance of blessings - health, happiness, peace and prosperity - and Well over the Fast.

Leshana Tova Tikateivu V’teichateimu

“I know I'm very emotional at the moment so it doesn't take much to bring tears,but I was so moved when I came home from work and found the dining room table laden with the Rosh Hashanah distribution.

We don't know how you so successfully put it together every year,with thought and in abundance,especially in such economically stricken times.

Thank you for the depth of your caring.Thank you to all your staff ,thank you to the generous donors.

Thank you for making it happen once again.

Love and hugs ”
“Dear Alice,

 I and my family are at a loss for words to express our appreciation for the Rosh Hashana food parcels we received today. Yom Tov really wouldn’t be the same without Yad and B"H for what you and your staff do .

Thank you Thank you so much..You should all have a sweet year. May you and ur family and staff have good Yom Tov and you should only know good health,happpiness,mazal ,brocha and hatzlocha.

Shana tova.Kesiva Ve'chasima tova

With love always. ”
Dearest Alice and the entire Yaddies Family,

It is at this time of the year again when I start to wonder who, what and how I am going to make yom tov again for my entire family and the many people who would have nowhere else to go. However, my anxiety is short-lived because, once again, Yad’s phenomenal food hamper has been the answer to our prayers.

This year has warmed our hearts, souls and whole beings with joy, gratitude, love and complete and unconditional warmth and sharing, that we are again this yom tov, able to have a full house of 25 people for first day lunch and second night supper , made possible with your invaluable assistance.

That is for us to celebrate.

We wish you and yours, together with all the recipients at Yaddies, a wonderful happy New Year and well over the Fast. May 2018 bring in joy, happiness, health and nachus - a bit of wealth also, but to have a good year ahead of us.

Dear Alice and special Yad Aharon team,

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for making our Yomtov so much more special then it would have been. We are so grateful to you for your kindness, love and support always. We look forward to coming to visit your soup kitchen on a weekly basis. We feel so at home in the Yaddies family. Wishing you all a Ktivah Vachatima Tova. May Hashem shower his blessings on you and usher upon you a year of good health, happiness, prosperity and peace.

Shana Tova.

Many thanks for the hamper of groceries and cleaning materials which you sent with my food parcel. I was delighted to receive all the goodies and thought it was Yom Tov!!! I had finished my jam a while ago and hadn’t bought more since it has become so pricy. It takes me ages to use it as I’m diabetic, so I only treat myself to it occasionally not to have too much of it. Also, the peanut butter! Love it!

Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness; you always go beyond the call of duty. Love and hugs, -) ???? ????
Hi Alice

I hope you are well

Just a quick hello to see how you are but most of all to thank you so much for everything that you do. Each week I unpack my box with such excitement. We receive such nice healthy foods each week that lasts me literally to the next /following week. Everything is packed with utmost care.

I can only just imagine how much work goes into packing each box let alone on your ultra-generous parcels for the High Holy Days! Your dedication and the staff’s hard work is SO appreciated!

May you continue to do what you do and shine

Fondest regards
“Dearest Alice.

Our God is the God of the Second Chance. I have been given a second chance, again and again. My still living is testimony to this. Again and again… and this is you too! Again and again you give your kishkes so that I may get another wonderful parcel. I thank you. My parcel is God’s Gift. You are God’s Treasure. With much love, and tears of wonder and appreciation for the comfort you bring. Ever.”
“No one can express in words how much Yad Aharon has done to help people such as myself who are in such a bad situation. Thank you yaddies.”
“Hello Alice.
La Shana Tova to you and all your family and staff. Phew:-) what a surprise to get a food parcel. You are one heleva person and organisation. you shine bright light of many many. Thank you and so much appreciated.”
My Darling Alice, Thank you so much for the special time you took out of your extremely busy schedule to spend with me.

Thank you for sharing your personal concerns with me and friendship while I walk this lonely path. This means more to me than you will ever know. I hope I was able to give back to you, just a little of what you were able to give to me – the friendship, understanding and support.

Thank you for all the extra groceries which I received yesterday. The Yad Supermarket is truly a blessing, as are your wonderful staff.

With all my love, to you and your Yaddies family now and always.
Hi Alice Thank you and your team for the amazing work you continue to do, and never cease to amaze.

I arrived at the Chev on Monday 30 August with no money, nowhere to go and between them and you at Yad Aharon, I was speedily given somewhere to stay and sleep and food regularly, which gave me stability and security, which enabled me to start looking for a job, which took two months and finally on the 26th of October I was offered a 1 year contract with an option to extend to 5 years, doing what I do best, and get my life back in order. If it wasnt for both this life-saving assistance, I would probably be dead now, but that was never an option I considered. Knowing that I had your support, it gave me the confidence and ability to go out and sell my skills, which at the age of 58 is not real easy.

Thank you once again to you Alice, and your team for everything you have done for me over the last 2 months, and especially over Rosh Hashonah. Please send me bank details in order for me to start making a regular monthly donation towards your great, worthy, and ‘thankless’ work which you continue to do unabated, and should you need any volunteers or help for anything that I may be of assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would just like to express my gratitude for the stationery and always the wonderful food and kids parcels received.

I do not know how to ever thank you enough especially for all the stationery for my daughter it is greatly appreciated

Thank you so much

Your organization is absolutely amazing to say the least for all that you do for us and every one else Kind Regards
Dear Alice

Once again thank you for all you do for us. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for never degrading us or treating us differently.

Thank you for the bread on our table and dignity you allow us.

May you and all the moms out there have a great and happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Love as always
“Dearest Blessed Alice,

With our heartfelt gratitude to Yad Aharon & Michael and the donors for always and ever looking after me and my family. We cannot do without you!”

“Thank you SO much for the most
precious gift!

It came just as my petrol tank was on empty! An unexpected medical procedure took my very last moneys and I didn’t know how I’d take the children to school in the morning!”
Dear Sir / Madam

I would like to express my warm wishes and gratitude on receiving my Yom Tov parcel. I was very touched to see so much food and the effort and time you spend in giving people the opportunity to celebrate the holidays without going hungry. I have gone through a very rough time this year where I have almost lost everything.

I cannot thank you enough to make it possible to have such lovely food on the table and gives me tears to see the smile on my childrens face. Thank you so so much , it is greatly appreciated. I wish you all a L’ Shana Tova and well over the fast. Thank you.
Hi Jody
 Hope you are well and keeping warm.

After our chat last week I was feeling very downhearted that there are so many people within our community that really live well below the breadline. Somehow we always think that this cannot happen to or with Jews. But sadly that is just a myth or for want of a better expression, a fairy tale image of what we (want) to believe.

Then I got the mail from Alice and it made me feel even worse. You know we get up every morning and think “what are we going to eat today” and complain that it’s the same boring stuff as always. We don’t realise that there are those of ours out there who get up in the morning and think are we going to eat today and would look forward with relish to eating the same boring stuff if only they had the same boring stuff to eat.

So as a bit of chesed for Friday and for erev Shavuot I have deposited R2 200,00 into your account ( pop attached) to cover at least another week of soup kitchen costs and would like to make this donation in loving memory of my dearly beloved departed parents Max and Ann Baitz without whose love, care, support and guidance I could very well have also been on the outside looking in.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach
Hillary and David Frichol and family
Hello Alice,

Us humans are strange creatures. We have a comfort zone and we tend to take things for granted. My wife and I are no exception.

A note of thanks, to you, personally, and your wonderful staff and generous benefactors.

This morning when I collected our hamper I was given a new blanket as well. This alone was a wonderful unexpected gift, which will be put to good use. Apart from the weekly hampers, which we receive with great joy, we also enjoy a cup of nourishing soup, which goes down a treat. Please forgive us for apparently for taking the blessings received for granted.

May the Great Architect of The universe shine his light upon you and give you peace. With much love and greetings,
“Dear Al,

Unfortunately I’ve had to be at work today, otherwise I would have come personally to thank you and the donors for the generosity you have showered us with.

May Hashem abundantly bless you and everyone at Yad for the compassion shown towards your fellow-Jews and for having given up your Chag in order to make a tangible difference in our lives.”
“Dear Alice i have just unpacked my boxes and as always am humbled by the genorosity abundance and kindness that is always given by and your staff.”
“Hello Alice.
La Shana Tova to you and all your family and staff. Phew:-) what a surprise to get a food parcel. You are one heleva person and organisation. you shine bright light of many many. Thank you and so much appreciated.”
Hi Alice and our family at Yad,

Just a small note once again to say thank you to all.

Not only do you keep us fed – and now with the delicious hot, thick fantastic soup with the most fantastic volunteers smiling and serving with love in the wind and cold of winter, but this Shabbos is my late father’s Yartzheit and thanks to you we can honour him by lighting a Yartzheit candle [we stock them in our Bayit’s ‘free’ Supermarket for our recipients].

Once again lot of love Xxx
Darling Alice

I have just returned from collecting my box and want to say thank you so much for your fabulous soup kitchen.

The soup can only be described as “heavenly” and I also helped myself to a slice of delicious, fresh babka as “padkos”!
The beautiful smiling faces of those serving and offering the sandwiches and soup are magic for the soul!
You are an angel Alice, for organizing all this for us.

Thanks again!
“Amazing, warm caring. A feeling of home during difficult times. Alice, Alfonso and everyone thank you. You make us feel good.”
“Great job you people do. So caring about others – what would we do without you.”
“Thank you Yaddies and all the staff for providing an incredible service to the community without you all many wouldn’t know how to survive. What a mitzvah. May you all be blessed by Hashem.

Thank you always for your outstanding devotion + help for people in need we are blessed. May Hashem bless you.”
“Good morning Alice

Thank you again for yesterday, words cannot describe how much this means to me and my family. It was so wonderful not to have to eat toast for dinner last night, we all sat together and had a wonderful salad and pasta. I had to leave the table as I started crying seeing the kids enjoying the food. I am keeping the chicken you gave us for a very special Shabbos dinner on Friday night as we have so much to be thankful for this week.

A very good friend said to me as we lit the candles two weeks ago on the Shabbos project, “one Amen creates another” so all I can say to you is Amen

With love and appreciation”
Hi Al Hope u well?

I was absolutely blown away today when Batya [your office manager] called me to say that not only did she have linen for me, but a microwave and a food processor too!

It never ceases to amaze me how you can do what you do and to what extent you do it. How can I ever thank you in the manner in which you deserve to be thanked? Words just do not justify how I feel and how grateful I am. Not only can I “mush” my food now, but I can eat it hot too!

With an enormous thank you to you and everyone at Yaddies and much love. G-D Bless you all.

We & my 2 kids have been receiving a box from Yad Aharon for the past 5 years I think due to very hard times. Without the help and wonderful things that are put into this box my family would not survive.

Fonzie has seen my kids grow up and I would just like to say thank you for everything as it seems it is not always appreciated.

We look forward each week to our box! Fondest Regards”
“Dear Alice

To you and the donors and all the helpers and just to the wonderful yaddies family and families may you all have a Shana Tova and a easy and meaningful fast just enjoy the Yontov Thank you all for allowing us with your generous Yontov parcel to also have a Yontov celebration without all of you it would not be possible.

By you giving us this wonderful gift of food and treats we at least can also go to family and take something with to add to their table and not feel like beggars Thank you to Alfonso Julie and just all the volunteers for all their help and the way in which we get treated.

Thank you thank you once again may we be blessed with always being part of The Yaddies family and Baruch Hashem
on the giving side Lots of love”
“Yaddies has made a real difference. In such times we are indeed lucky to have such an outstanding organisation in JHB.”
“Yaddies gives us dignity with their assistance to us. We Love U Yaddies.”
“Yad Aharon & Michael has such a unique ability to not only give food but to give with such heart& caring that it nourishes the soul, builds the heart & empowers life. Doing G-d’s work with true love.”